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Step on Momentum vinyl planks in style. Signature’s latest vinyl plank flooring collection offers a versatile and luxurious flooring solution for low-maintenance and hassle-free living. Plus, it’s softer than wood ensuring your feet are supported when you’re standing for extended periods. Designed to suit today’s modern lifestyles – this contemporary flooring range is waterproof, anti-allergy, pet friendly and ultra-durable. This means you can lay them without stress in bathrooms and kitchens. The plank does not feel cold during winter and feels softer than wood or ceramic tile floors.

Additionally, floors will resist chipping, staining and scratching, so you never need to panic when the outdoors come inside. This makes Momentum an exceptional choice for busy families with pets.  The collection is available in two ranges, Aussie Species & Oaks. These include 10 stylish references mimicking the look and feel of Aussie and oak timbers.

Imbue your spaces with warmth and comfort. Transform your home with Momentum vinyl planks

Momentum Vinyl Planks

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