Carpet Information

Tips For Specific Spot Removal

  • Dirt & Soil - Let dry & vacuum off
  • Liquid - Use paper towel or a clean white cloth. If neccessary wet the area with clean water and repeat until clean.
  • Food - Using a blunt object like a spoon, remove the food. Wet the area with water if stained and blot dry with paper towel or white cloth.
  • Oil & Grease - Using a blunt object like a spoon, remove as much as possible. Apply mineral turpentine or similar solvent to a clean white cloth then dab. This should be tested on a hidden area of carpet first to check there is no colour loss due to solvent.
  • Pen Marks - For water-based pens use luke-warm water and blotting method. For oil based pens use a solvet making use of precautions as above for oil & grease.
  • Blood - Absorb using paper towel or clean white cloth, using cold water if neccessary
  • Vomit - Using a blunt object like a spoon, remove as much as possible. Wet with water and absorb using paper towel or clean wite cloth. If odour develops contact a professional cleaner. 

Carpet Care

A guide to maintaining your new carpet.

  • VACUUM REGULARLY - Regular vacuuming, once or twice a week, this will remove soil & dirt particles before they become embedded into the pile.
  • REMOVE SPILLS IMMEDIATELY - Rinse with cold or luke-warm water only, then dab/blot dry with paper towel or clean cloth. Do not rub or scrub the carpet.
  • PROFESSIONALLY CLEAN - Steam cleaning is recommended by most manufacturers and is the most effective way of cleaning carpet.

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